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*Health Budz* is an online social support network that helps patients, their families and friends connect with others in similar situations. Sign up to connect, it's a free service.  

Online Cancer Support Network

Welcome to Health Budz, your online health support network. We strive to help patients, and their families and friends, connect with others in similar situations through our health support networks, including our cancer support network. Signing up is free, and collaboratively, we can provide a safe platform for online social support. We’ll connect you with people with similar interests or people in your area — all you have to do is join. 

More Than an Online Cancer Support Network

Health Budz brings together individuals with similar health and crisis situations. We want to bring people with similar life circumstances together so that everyone feels like they have somewhere to turn for comfort and support.

If you’re looking for a cancer support network because you, a family member, or a friend have been diagnosed or are going through treatments, we’ll connect you with others in a similar situation. But we’re more than just an online cancer support network, we’re also free support for people who’ve experienced health conditions, environmental disasters, and refugee crises.

We don’t provide medical advice in our support networks, but we’ve got you covered for social support. If you don’t have a safe or supportive family or home environment, we’ll be your network. We welcome all ages and genders into our online support networks. We’ll connect you to people with the same health interests as you.

To get started, create your free Health Budz account. From there, you can search for individuals that represent health causes you support, people with the same diagnosis as you, or individuals that care for someone with a health condition. Sign up today.

  • Support a health cause?
  • Have a diagnosis?
  • Care for someone who has a condition?
  • Victim of an environmental disaster?
  • In a refugee crisis?
  • Search and connect with people based on such health interests right here at Health Budz.
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